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What track is my train on?

If you have ever walked into Penn Station, you know that it's a nightmare. Thousands of people waiting around, eyes glued to the TV screens, waiting to see what track their train is going to be on. As soon as a track number is put up on the board, there are two different reactions. Either you are thinking "That's my track! Nobody else matters and I don't care who I run over as long as I get to my track" or you are on the other side thinking "Why can't that be my track? Now I am getting trampled and I'm not gonna be able to see what track my train is going to be at". A few weeks ago while waiting for my train's track to be posted, using my undeniable charm, I got friendly with a former-conductor. After talking for around 10 minutes, he saw my restlessness to get a good seat on my train. He calmly asked "What train are you taking?" to which I responded "The 7:05 train towards Bay Head". I immediately saw a grin start to fo
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How much am I worth?

How much am I worth? How much am I worth? The hardest part of job hunting is when the recruiter turns to you and says “So, what kind of salary are you looking for?” How much am I worth? The hardest part of job hunting is when the recruiter turns to you and says “So, what kind of salary are you looking for?” At this moment my heart dropped and I started to flip through the story of my life. “I won that award that time, plus $800”, “I fell off that slide when I was 3 years old, subtract $2k”, “I am 22 without a job, subtract $5k”, “I have not read more than 12 books in my life, subtract $10k”… I realized that when put on the spot, I only think of the negative parts of my life instead of all the great things that I have done. I realized that this would be a great project to create. A model that can take in either a resume or a job posting as an input and the output would be a salary or salary range. I decided to use Google Jobs as my source of jobs. This is beca

All or nothing

Growing up, my parents always taught me to never miss out on an opportunity. Well, boy were they smart! In January of 2019, I received an email from a cousin of mine, Jack Hidary, sent an email blast to over 100 relatives inviting us to come take a tour of Google's offices in NYC a month. At this point in my life, I had been working in a family business and we were almost ready to launch a new division which I had been working on for over a year. I knew that I needed to spend as much time as possible making sure the launch is successful and I didn't have time to go on tours. On the other hand, how often can an ordinary person get a semi-personal tour of one of the greatest companies in the world! After losing a night of sleep on this thought, I sent my RSVP and went to work that morning with a clear head. Fast forward to February 4th 2019, the day has finally come. I'll never forget the progression of my attitude that day. At first, I was so excited to go to and I was s

Baruch College Zicklin 4-year plan template

Here is a normal schedule if you would like to finish in 4 years without taking any summer or winter classes: Year 1 Semester #1 English 2100 Math 2003 Freshman Seminar 🙄 Flexible Core #1 Flexible Core #2 Flexible Core #3 Semester #2 Business 1011 Economics 1001** English 2150 Math 2205 (Calculus) Flexible Core #4 Year 2 Semester #3 Economics 1002** Computer Information Systems 2200 Law 1101 Communications 1010 Accounting 2101** Semester #4 English/Composition 2800/2850 (All fulfill the same requirement) Minor 3000 level class #1 Accounting 2203 Statistics 2000 Life and Physical Science Class Flexible Core #5 (Science) Year 3 Semester #5 Marketing 3000** Management 3120** Major class #1 Finance 3000 Flexible Core #6  Semester #6 Management 3121** Major class #2 Major class #3 Minor 3000 level class #2 Free elective class (any class that interests you want. 2 have to be liberal art classes) Year 4 Semester #7 Major class #4 Major class #5 Major class #6 Free elective class * Minor 4000

Baruch Links to Remember

Over the years I have found these links very helpful. If you have any that you would like to add please write in the comments. All eBooks Some Baruch TestBanks https://www.dropbox. com /sh/ woro8yriwdglkl0/ AAAKyxfnhGme0voNa_ePQhwXa?n= 76252604&oref=e https://app. box . com /s/ 64wub3o3f51vrsbnsu4kqgijvrdx3e mj CUNY Global Search Look up all CUNY classes Baruch Academic Calendar


At the request of Joe Terzi, I have decided to make a blog to share life tips through answering questions whether it be the ins and outs of surviving Bernard Baruch's College of Excellence, or finding the best deal on a 75" 4K TV. I ask that you send all questions to my 917-353-2666 and I will be answering the questions as soon as possible.